Top-ten-beaches-italy-01-punta-pennaAbruzzo is an Italian region located in central and eastern Italy. It is a land of sea and mountain. It lies between the highest peaks of the Apennines (It is in Abruzzo that the Apennines reach their maximum height and width; their highest point, Corno Grande, culminates at 2912 meters in the Gran Sasso massif) and the Adriatic Sea. It is a land rich in attractions; in fact, you can choose between ski slopes and beaches, natural parks and cities of art, medieval churches and monasteries, castles and museums.

Abruzzo (well-known as the “Green Heart of Europe”) is often referred to as one of the green lungs of the peninsula and Europe, because it is full of mountains and natural parks (there are three national parks): 30% of the region it is covered by parks and nature reserves.

Isola_del_gran_sasso20102896971_cddeb52fb7_oIt is also a coastal region where you can find flat plains and of course a beautiful sea: the transition between the sea and the coast is ensured by clay and cultivated hills descending to the sea.

Artistic heritage, nature, sea and mountains at the same time: this is the strength of Abruzzo.

It’s an ideal destination both for a seaside vacation (133 km of coastline, along which lively and crowded beaches alternate immaculate shores) and for a vacation in the mountains. In fact, the opportunity to have a short distance to both the sea, hills and mountains offers the added advantage, if you are lucky, to be able to go skiing in the mountains and go swimming in the sea on the same day. In fact, you can get from the sea to the mountains and vice versa in an hour time.

it-abruzzo-02tumblr_min9jwf5u61rgfuxjo1_1280The region of Abruzzo incorporates some well known Italian communes including: Chieti, L’Aquila, Pescara, Sulmona and Teramo; perfect places to find a traditional Italian apartment. With an airport, relatively good rail services and well developed roads and motorways, Abruzzo is easily accessible from the UK and the rest of Europe, making it even more of a sought after location to purchase property or for a short getaway.

The easiest way to reach Abruzzo from England is definitely through the direct flight that departs from Stansted Airport and lands in Pescara – which is a major city in Abruzzo located on the Adriatic Sea Coast. Otherwise it is possible to land in Rome and get to Pescara by Coach in just two hours time.

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